Please note: The agenda of this year's virtual Expert Summit covered the face above the mask. Content showing the application of products can only be displayed after an unsolicited request via the Medical Inquiry Assistant.


The Microbiome: Importance in Aesthetic

She answers the questions:
  1. What influences our microbiome?
  2. Does toxins or fillers affect the microbiome?
  3. What is the gut-skin axis?


Innovation in injection safety – guided ultrasound for vascular occlusions

She explains:
  1. How she dissolves vascular occlusions guided with ultrasound
  2. What aspects need to be considered here
  3. How important it is to act quickly


Anatomy of the forehead

He explains the anatomy of the forehead.


Anatomy of eyebrows

He explains the anatomy of the frontal septum and the eyebrows.


Anatomy of the midface

He explains the anatomy of the midface.


Anatomy Tear Trough

He explains the anatomy of the tear trough.