About Merz Aesthetics Medical Forum

What is the concept of Medical Forum?

The Merz Aesthetics Medical Forum is a unique global online education platform for health care professionals only. The Medical Forum has been designed by Merz Aesthetics Global Medical Affairs to meet the increasing demand for scientific information on medical aesthetic topics from the medical community.
It is an on-demand, interactive platform featuring bite-sized content like anatomy dissections, injection demonstrations, literature summaries and more. The high-quality and advanced topics on the Merz Medical Forum are delivered by world’s leading experts in aesthetics medicine, available 24/7, no matter where you are. With this platform Medical Affairs will keep you up to date on the cutting-edge of science and clinical innovation.

What is the medical inquiry search?

The medical inquiry search function has been developed to help you quickly find content you are interested in, anytime and anywhere. To get started, use the search bar, type in the keywords you are interested in and start exploring. Specify your search by combining indications or treatment areas with certain products you are looking for.

Is this platform free of charge?

The overall content offer, including the total variation of educational formats (videos, tools, science updates) is free of charge. Merz Aesthetics GmbH does not charge costs for these services. When applying to receive mobile notification to always stay informed, Merz Aesthetics GmbH does not charge fees, but message or data rates may apply. Contact your wireless carrier for information about your data plan.

Who is Merz Aesthetics?

Merz Aesthetics is a leading, global aesthetics company. The award-winning portfolio of injectables, devices and skincare products helps health care professionals fuel confidence through aesthetic medicine. For more information, please visit: merzaesthetics.com.